Stripping Myths: Part 3

For the past couple of articles we have focused on certain misconceptions that people hold about strippers. For example, we busted the myth that stripping is an easy job that anybody can start doing whenever they feel like it. We also explained why it requires a bit of talent or at least – a lot of hard work. This has been proven time and time again by male and female strippers alike.

One of the things, which we have also covered, is the fact that exotic dancers are not really desperate for money or attention, as many people seem to think. Instead many just like the job for what it is and what it offers.

We busted the idea that it can’t be a career, as well. In fact, you can become quite successful at stripping, with the only issue remaining the fact that you cannot really dance for many years. Or can you? This is where we get to our next batch of myths!

Myth #7: You Cannot Strip For More Than A Couple of Years

Since most strippers only hold the job for a few years and then leave it, a lot of folks assume that you really cannot turn it into a long-term thing. Well, they are kind of right, but that only applies to people who get into the field with only the short term in mind.

In fact, you can make stripping a long-lasting thing, if you know how to approach it from a business perspective. For example, you can strip for a good ten years, save up money and then start a course on stripping, while still doing shows on the side. Not to mention that you can get regular fans through the years, which is always good for you.

Of course, once you get past thirty stripping becomes more challenging, but if you can keep up the moves and good looks, you will be golden even at that age.

Myth #8: Stripping Is A Dead-end Job

This follows the same logic as the previous myth – that you really cannot go anywhere with stripping. Again, this does not have to be the case necessarily. If you have an entrepreneurial mind, you can achieve a lot, even after years of stripping.

Writing a book about your experience is a thing, but you can also take your dancing moves and expertise to another market. You may not continue down the same path, but it will be similar nonetheless. Not to mention that more and more people want to learn pole-dancing as it also makes for an incredible exercise.

Myth #9: You Will Be Plagued By The Job For Your Entire Life

So let’s say that you don’t want to continue with stripping past your college years. But can you really have your life back? A lot of people will say that once you’ve been a stripper, you cannot erase that and it will be a black spot on your resume. You will want to leave it out, but if someone finds out, it can ruin a career.

However, our society is much more progressive than that. Of course, some bosses are stuck in the past, but most strippers do not have much issues finding a job after they are done with stripping.