Terms and Conditions

By using our services you have to agree with all terms and conditions listed on this page.

Terms and Conditions

1. Your relationship with www.ExoticChicagoStrippers.com
1.1 Your use of www.ExoticChicagoStrippers.com’s (referred to as “ECS”) information, including text, images, videos, code and/or software, products, services and web sites (referred to collectively as the “Company”) is subject to the terms of a legal agreement between you and ECS. “ECS” means Progress Holdings Inc., whose principal place of business is Chicago, IL, United States. This document explains the terms of this agreement.
1.2 If no other written agreement was made with ECS, your are agreeing with ECS, at a minimum, to the terms and conditions set out in this document.

2. Accepting the Terms
2.1 In order to use the Company, you must first agree to the Terms. You may not use the Company if you do not accept the Terms.
2.2 You can accept the Terms by either:
(I) clicking “Accept” or “Agree” to the Terms, where this option is available to you by ECS; or
(II) by the actual use of the Company. In this case, your use of the Company will be seen as acceptance of the Terms.
2.3 Your use of the Company and the acceptance of the Terms is invalid if: (I) you are under the age of 18 or cannot form a contract with ECS, or (II) your use of the Company is restricted by laws governed in the United States.
2.4 It is advisable that you print a copy or save those Terms and Conditions.

3. Language of the Terms
3.1 ECS may provide translation of the Terms and Conditions, Powered by Google Translate, for your personal convenience. Nevertheless, those Terms and Conditions are still governed the English version.

4. Services
4.1 The services are performance of exotic dancing (“Services”) and are for entertainment purpose only.
4.2 Services are supplied to you by third party independent contractors (Contractors), not employed by ECS, including but not limited to strippers, models, dancers, entertainers, and drivers.
4.3 The Services are not in any way accompany related. All services are in every way in accordance of laws set by State of Illinois.

5. Provision of the Company
5.1 ECS has Contractors around Midwest area. These Contractors will be providing the services to you. You acknowledge and agree that these Contractors will be entitled to provide the all services that you purchase form our website to you.
5.2 ECS cannot and does not guarantee or warrant Services performed by those Contractors.
5.3 You agree to have a clear knowledge of the Services, which can further be explained in the FAQ section. You assume total responsibility and risk for using the Services.
5.4 You may only hold the Contractors responsible for any performance of the Services or unsatisfaction of the Services.

6. Use of the Company by you
6.1 As part of the reservation process, you would be required to provide the Company with personal information. You agree that this information is in its entirety is accurate, correct and up to date.
6.2 Your use of the Company is limited to the Terms and Conditions set in this document and any applicable law.
6.3 Your actions shall not in any way intervene with the Company.
6.4 Your use of the Company does not include modify, copy, reproduce, republish, upload, post, transmit, distribute, duplicate, copy, sell, trade or resell in any manner the Company for any purpose.
6.5 Your breach of the Terms and any applicable laws may create damages or losses to ECS. As an understanding and acceptance of these Terms, you will be obligated to reimburse ECS for damages and losses.

7. Privacy and your personal information
7.1 By using the company your will be required to provide personal information. For explanation about privacy policy, please read our Privacy Policy.  
7.2 Your further agree to any corresponding ECS’s privacy policies.

8. Content in the Company
8.1 Any part of the Company (including but not limited to photographs and images, videos, sounds, data files, written text, computer software, the “look” and “feel” of the site, color, layout, and all other graphics) in addition to advertisements within or outside the Company is referred below as the Content.
8.2 You may not change,  lease, rent, loan, sell, give, and/or create the same, similar, or alternative Content (either in part or as a whole) based on the one provided by ECS, unless you have a separate written agreement with ECS that specifically states so.
8.3 Your agree that your use of the Company may expose you to offensive, improper or disapproved Content, and that is at your own risk.

9. Proprietary rights
9.1 You understand that all legal rights, title and interests in the Company are the ownership of ECS’s shareholders.
9.2 Unless otherwise agreed in writing with ECS, you may not use ECS’s Company marks, trade names, logos, trademarks, domain names, and other identifiable brand characteristics.
9.3 If you were giving a permission to use those brand characteristics, you are to comply with the written terms in that agreement as well as any Terms set forth in this agreement.
9.4 If you were given written permission to use any of the Company’s brand characteristics, you shall not in any case mix other company brand characteristics to cause a conflict.

10. License from ECS
10.1 ECS provides you, the user of the Company, with personal license to enjoy the Services provided. 10.2 The personal license does not include modifying, copying, or creating alternative works of: decompile, reverse engineer or extracting the source code of the Company.
10.3 The license from ECS is not in any way assignable. You may not transfer those rights as well as grant an interest of them.

11. Limited liability
11.1 You understand and agree that ECS, shall not be liable to you for:
(A) Any direct, indirect, or incidental damages caused by you or any of the Contractors as a result of any performance, relationship, transaction between you and any Contractors, whose advertising may or may not appear on the Company.
(B) Any changes which ECS or its Contractors make to the Services.
(C) Any viewing or reading of the Content.
(D) Failure to provide ECS with accurate information.

12. Other content
12.1 The Company may include hyperlinks and banners to other web sites, products, services, and content. ECS has no control of any kind of those web sites.
12.2 You shall not hold ECS liable to any losses or damages incurred to you by those sites.
12.3 Your relationship with the other content may be subject to other terms.

The Terms, and your relationship with ECS under the Terms, shall be governed by the laws of the State of Illinois. Any legal matter, between You and ECS, arising from the Terms shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction and resolved within Cook County, IL.

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