ExoticChicagoStrippers.com is currently looking for hot male and female entertainers! Please note that we do not accept applications for club positions. 


-Age: you must be least 18 years of age to apply.
you are required to own a reliable car or have someone available to drive you to your shows. Female entertainers are required to have a driver for all shows.

-Cell phone: you need to have a personal cell phone as well as provide the cell number of your driver.
-Supplies: you are required to have or buy necessary supplies: luggage, different costumes, CD player or iPod Dock with music mixes, g-stings, lotion or baby oil, etc. Female dancers are also required to have/buy toys.
-Availability: you are required to work at least three weekends of the month with available hours after midnight.
-Pictures: you are required to have current pictures. Pictures could also be taken by one of our professional photographers. Work will only be given to male/female dancers who have their pictures posted on the website.
-Responsibility: theft, profanity, tardiness and dishonesty are not acceptable qualities.
-Alcohol and Drugs: it is absolutely prohibited to be under the influence of any substance while working. Entertainers with drug use or excessive drinking issues are not allowed to perform and will be immediately terminated.
– Experience
you must have the experience or be eager to become an entertainer! Anyone can strip their clothes off in front of people but doing it with the right outfit, music, choreography, tricks, games and enthusiasm is true entertainment!
– Personal traits: You need to show an intelligent, hot and outgoing personality with humor, charm and a positive attitude! You must keep your personal and family problem away from work. You are there to entertain! 


-Interview: approved applicants will be called for an in-person interview. Applications might be reviewed within a month.
-Contract: you would need to sign our “Independent Contractor” and “Rules and Responsibilities Agreement,” and show a valid Driver’s License and/or State ID.

you would need to show a basic understanding of the business and run through training.
you are required to go to several shows and see how one of our professional entertainers performs.
you may be asked to perform, under our supervision, at several unpaid shows.

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