Stripping Myths: Part 2

When it comes to stripping most people have no idea what it is all about. Sure, you get your clothes off, and you do some dancing, but that is all, right? Wrong!

Last time around we covered three well-established myths about strippers. We pointed out that it is not an easy job that you can just take up and roll with it. We explained why you actually need talent with it, and people doing it should be considered artists. Plus we also mentioned why most strippers are not into this line of work because they are in some way, shape or form desperate.

Are you ready to find out what other things you are wrong about? Let’s see!

Myth #4: It Can’t Be A Full-time Career

First things first – we have to say that this is not exactly false, but in a sense – it is. While most people do not take stripping as their only job and treat it as more of a side income, it can still be done full time. However, it is more taxing than you think. You have to constantly stay in shape, be willing to work a physically demanding work 8 hours on end, and deal with a lot of customers if the job calls for it.

Because of the above, many people see stripping as a good part-time option that actually pays a full-time income, especially if you are a bit savvy about the whole thing. So don’t think that you can’t make a living with it – you can, but it takes work.

Myth #5: It Is Easy To Break Into The Industry

The other prevalent notion is that provided you have the desire to do it, you can just take up stripping whenever you want. Well, not really. First of all, as we have already said, you need to be in great physical condition. Hot does not even begin to cover it. There are plenty of girls and guys that look good, but do not have the endurance or the plasticity that this job requires.

Furthermore, depending on what you want to do, it may not be an easy field for you. For example, female strippers have a hard time being private party strippers on their own. They usually need to go through an agency. On the other hand, club stripping is a bit more secure of a job, but it does not pay that well, compared to private stripping.

Myth #6: Strippers Are Obsessed With Sex

Due to the erotic nature of the craft, a lot of people assume that all strippers must be sex maniacs. Again – this is just a stereotype. While most of the girls will obviously have the drive, it is not necessary to have the dial turned to 11.

Actually, some can get all burned out by the job, which would drive their desires down, and not up. Sure, this doesn’t happen all that often, but it is not unheard of.

Tune in next time for another portion of stripper myths!