Stripping Myths: Part 1

The world of stripping is an interesting place. People are fascinated by it, but it is also quite mysterious. This is why many folks prefer to share rumors of what things are like. Sadly, these things can spread like wildfire and all of a sudden we have a bunch of myths about male and female strippers.

Today we are going to look into some of these things and see what people get wrong about exotic dancers. Stick with us, because you are going to learn some interesting things and maybe next time you call a stripper or visit a club, you will know a thing or two about the profession.

Myth #1: It Is An Easy Job

A lot of people think stripping is super easy and that you may even get way too much money for it. Well, that is not the case. For a lot of folks stripping is actually quite difficult. Not only do you have to have some awareness of your body, but you also need to act in a certain way. A stripper without presence on the stage can ruin the show for everyone.

Being shy may be an act, but if you are actually withdrawn from your show, it won’t work. Not to mention that stripping for clients is not exactly the safest thing in the world either. There are plenty of strippers who are going to tell you that sometimes they may be quite scared by their customers.

Myth #2: It Doesn’t Take Talent

So maybe you agree that only people with certain conviction and personality may handle stripping. But in your eyes it is still a simple thing – no talent required. Well, that is not true either. Depending on what kind of stripper you are, you may need to perform on quite the high level. Many shows require physical prowess, and there are even sport competitions in pole dancing and exotic entertainment.

So while you can definitely achieve success through hard work and dedication, a pinch of talent goes a long way. Otherwise you are much more likely to not enjoy what you are doing at all. Not to mention that the “dancing” part of exotic dancing is there for a reason!

Myth #3: Strippers Are Desperate

Many consider that you have to be brought quite low for in order to go for stripping as a professional choice. Maybe you are backed into a corner and you need a way to pay the bills. Or you just have some debt to clear.

While these reasons sound logical, they are not true at all. Most strippers actually go into the field because it allows for them to have some way to express themselves. On top of that they get to be physically active, which boosts your “feel-good” hormones. The flexible working hours also draw many.

Obviously, there are many other myths about the field of stripping, but we will tackle them in another article.