Is Stripping Enjoyed By All Men?

Before we get going, let us get something off the plate right away. No, we are not talking about gay men, obviously. We exclude all who would not fall under the category “attracted to women”, because that would skew the results.

But the question still stands – are all heterosexual men in support of stripping? If not, why not? If yes, do they dare state it? These are not questions, which we can simply ask female strippers. We have to dig a bit deeper. So let’s go!

Is “All” Too Much?

By stating that “all” men enjoy stripping, we are inevitably going to be wrong. This is just the way. In a relative world, absolute statements don’t go along very well. That being said, this is not really a good question. Because from “absolutely all” to “virtually all” there can be quite the big difference.

I don’t think there are good studies out there, and not all men would not openly admit to regular strip club attendance. At best, they’d say they are up for it “if they go with the boys”, but otherwise? Not really. And yet I suspect a lot of men go to strip clubs and they might not even admit it. Even alone. A quick search online will tell you this is often the case.

Why Men Enjoy Stripping?

This is the better question to ask. Let’s forget for a second HOW MUCH of the male population enjoys it. It is important to see why they might enjoy it. Now, while it is definitely some sort of entertainment, it is not like anything else. It is not as far-removed as porn, yet it is sexually arousing. It is not like being in a relationship, yet it sort of makes you feel attractive for a second. It is somewhat weird.

The fact is that for a lot of men stripping goes far beyond mere entertainment. In it they find some sort of solace. Relationship issues? Well, you won’t get these in a strip club. Always rejected by women? You won’t get rejected by a stripper. At least, if you play by the rules.

Of course, you can also enjoy stripping for what it is – a show. Hot ladies dancing for you – now, who says no to that? And yet, where are we going with all this?

The Simple Conclusion

How many men have problems in their relationships? How many men feel rejected and want at least some kind of comfort? And how many men just want to enjoy a hot show by a nice babe? Combine these all and you get the picture – the vast majority of men enjoy stripping. The reasons don’t matter, and absolute numbers are pointless, too. Just keep in mind that stripping is not an art that is going to disappear any time now. Maybe you should go and enjoy a show as well.