Stripping and Dating: Can These Go Together?

It is said that there are 3 main business niches – health, wealth and relationships. It is not quite clear how stripping falls into one of these categories, but one thing is for certain – strippers also need relationships.

Whether male or female, most exotic dancers are open to the idea of having a stable relationship, even if their job is somewhat in opposition to that. But while they are up for the idea, they are not that likely to find another person who is. But does that conclude the question then? Not at all!

Do Strippers Flock Together?

The most obvious things Chicago strippers can do is to go for another stripper. However, there is a slight problem here – the ratio of female to male strippers is something like 9:1. That means there is much scarcity among the male strippers, not to mention that some of them are gay.

Of course, there are also female strippers that are attracted to the same sex, but that is not at all norm. So even if some of the exotic dancers luck out and find a stripper guy, who is actually capable of long term relationship, most really are not that lucky.

Aren’t There Open-minded People?

Well, our society is getting more and more progressive. It is a lot more common nowadays for people to not mind a profession such as stripping. But long held prejudices are hard to wipe off. So it is common to see people who are completely against the idea of dating a stripper.

However, there is the other side of the issue – some are very willing to go out with exotic entertainers. But does this lead to long term relationships? Rarely. In fact, it may seem like a great challenge to go to bed with a stripper, so the accomplishment is what most people are after. At least in the beginning.

All that is not to say that if you are a stripper, you can’t find a nice man or woman to date. But you will have to go out of your way and you have to be very upfront about your job. Don’t hide it, and make sure the other person understands what they are getting into. But where do you meet such people?

Is There Hope For Strippers In Online Dating?

Internet dating is really popular and it may be an awesome tool for the majority of dancers. Because when finding a match online, the other person will know who is the date. There is no need for hiding things as your honesty is the best way to approach other people.

You can say that online dating is a bit freeing in a sense. But it hides the same pitfalls as before – you just don’t know who is trying to get in your pants and who is more serious. Online hookups may work great, but we are yet to see how significant internet dating is for long-term relationships.