Staying in Character All the Time

Stripper stories have always been a fun read, but with the internet it is very hard to tell what is true and what isn’t. Some people wouldn’t care, of course, as they would see a good story as a good story – the truth it not necessary at all. And perhaps they are right, but it is nice when you know something definitely happened and you can actually retell it with a sense of actually telling the truth.

How many stories have you heard that start with the sentence “it’s kind of a funny tale”? A lot, very likely. Well, ours is more awkward than funny. You know that the a bride-to-be wouldn’t usually want her future husband to have fun with strippers. Jealousy and all that. But things start to get interesting when she actually wants him to enjoy a night of adult entertainment, but he is the one who is prude.

So this girl hires a stripper in hopes to surprise her husband-to-be. She wants the stripper to wear a maid outfit and come to their house where her fiance is supposed to have a party with his friends.

And so our guy is having a party with his friends for real. But not just any party, but a LAN party. And if you don’t know what it is, it’s basically a gathering of computer geeks. Anyways, the stripper rings the doorbell and our guys don’t bother to go answer it. Why? Because they are playing a video game, of course! However, our stripper is persistent and is keep ringing that doorbell. And the man of honor is finally coming to the door. Imagine his look when he sees a hot maid in a skimpy outfit. Because this isn’t his look. Not at all impressed with our girl he tells her to wait a second and fetches her a broom, brings the vacuum and says she can clean whatever she wants, but she should not go in the big room where the guys are.

Our dancer figures this has to be a joke and decides to play her part in it, so she takes the broom and the vacuum, goes to the other room and starts cleaning towards where our guys are having their “fun”. When she opens the door to that room in order to really bring the fun in character, she is actually received quite bad, because she’s, of course, disturbing their game. The host is then calmly telling her to go do her job in another room and our girl is baffled. What is going on? This is supposed to be a bachelor party after all, but there isn’t a single guy that actually wants her to dance. She still thinks this to be a joke and just starts undressing and at this point all eyes are on her. The boys may be oblivious but they sure enjoy a nice body. And from there on the night takes a turn for the better.

If you want crazy stories than just book a stripper for yourself and enjoy her entertainment, but please, don’t give her a broom.