Male Revue Show vs Private Party Strippers

When choosing to enjoy the company of male strippers the choices are two and are simple, male revue show or hiring a private party stripper. So what are the difference in experience, cost and convenience?

When it comes to seeing a male revue show, the experience could be theatrical. At the venue you would enjoy someone serving you drinks, having fancy lighting, nice sound effect, just a about a great atmosphere. If you do mind to be in a company of another 20-100 woman at the same location and them all screaming like high school girls going to pram, then this is not the place for you. The experience you get from a male revue show is designed for the more “conservative” girls, that would like to only sit and watch but not touch. Once the male strippers have come on stage, their performance is synchronized and choreographed, which can turn to be a great experience if it the right team of guys. The problem is that there are only a hand full of shows in US that have this type of experience. Most, if not all, male revue shows are made out of different dancer that have not put their show together but rather have their own individual show. On the other hand, the experience you get in a private party setting is like a personalized male revue show. It is as getting the male revue show in your own home, and instead of looking at the stripper on stage, not being able to touch him, well ladies in this case there are alot of law breakers in here! The male stripper would come dresser in your preferred outfit, perform in a choreographed music, and everyone in the party may get what they ask for. Being in a company of a sexy male stripper, without strangers looking at you, it is priceless!

The cost of the two shows can be in 2 different planets! Lets start by saying, you have to rent a bus or a limo to see a male revue show. Don’t plan on taking your own cars, unless you are okay being late for the show and paying astronomical amount for parking. Ladies, male revue shows are in downtown where all the crowd goes on weekends, you ain’t gonna see a male revue show around your corner where Starbucks is. So back to the limo pricing, hefty $500 easily! Depending on how many girls are going, and don’t forget to tip the driver! Now whats the cost to drive to a private house party with a male stripper? Uber quoted me $7 the other day. Lets not stop there, $40 minimum per ticket, did you come with 15 girls? The math is simple here. Drinks, back to my point, it is downtown, nothing is cheap! Two drinks minimum, times $5-$10 per drink, times 15 girls. But there is always a Jewel liquor store around the corner! For the purpose of the argument, we won’t calculated the totals here, obvious it it varies as you go. Nevertheless, your personal in-home fresh delivery of a hot stripper can yours for as little as $150!
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