Learning How To Strip – Stripping 101

If you try to search online, you really won’t find that much information on the stripping profession. Sure, there may be some how-to videos that explain certain moves, but their random and you will need to practice a lot in order to get them right. Plus, not all of them are beginner stuff.

Because of the above, it makes sense to even ask if there is such a thing as Stripping 101. Where do you even start as a beginner? Do you have to be natural at exotic dancing, or can it be learned through diligent and deliberate practice? Let’s see what advice you can get from our female strippers.

Private Dancing vs Club Stripping

While strippers can go into both fields, most prefer to stick to one and master it properly. That is because both fields require somewhat different skillsets. For example, private dancing is much more about personal entertainment. You have to be engaging, daring and you have to put up a show, which is often improvised. It is not so much about the moves as it is about the experience.

On the other hand, club stripping can be much more technical. While you can get private lap dances there too, a club stripper should be able to pole dance and have some technical moves up her sleeve. However, this is actually fairly simple to learn. You can get a pole for your home and watch youtube videos for practice. Since it is about the moves, then you can just master those moves. Local strip clubs may also offer some lessons.

How Do You Master Private Stripping?

Private dancing is about actor work and being able to put up an interesting show. You have to play off the emotions off the crowd and provide some interesting sights to see. But these things come with time and experience.

In all actuality it is much easier to pick up private stripping, because you can start with the basics. These include doing body shots, and playing with whipped cream for example. You can also work with another stripper to create an even hotter experience. Additionally, you can also resort to body lotion and toys to make the party explode.

While these things are fairly easy to take up, they take effort to master. But the more you do it, the better you will be at it. Don’t forget that you can also entertain partygoers with lap dances and little games. So even if you don’t have the most technical dancing moves, you can still make it in the world of private party stripping.


You have to decide for yourself which kind of stripping is better for you. Our personal recommendation is to pick up private dancing and see how it goes. If you like it, it is very easy to continue on with it, and also pick up a few pole dancing lessons in your spare time.