How Important Is Security For Strippers

As we have discussed in previous articles, stripping can be quite the lucrative career opportunity. You can make some serious cash, even if it is just your side job. This is especially true when you decide to pursue stripping at private parties where you can get $500 per show with tips and all.

However, then comes the question of your own personal safety. You may have not thought about it, but you definitely will. What will happen if all of a sudden the guests at the party get a little too comfortable around you? Being a female, you do not stand much chance against a bunch of guys. Even if it is only one guy advancing, chances are the others won’t do much to stop him. So what can you do to avoid such situations? Get a personal security guard!

Where Can You Find Security?

There are two main routes you can go – either get professionals or some volunteers (whom you will pay). The latter option is what many Chicago strippers choose. If you have male friends who can stand their ground, you can ask them for help.

Considering you will not be working for long hours, they may be making some pretty good money. $20 per hour is a fair price, but you can also offer them a percentage of the tips. And hey, they will be getting a free show, right?

If you know such guys, be sure to approach them carefully. Don’t just ask this as a favor, but make it clear that you will be hiring them. You can also point out that any kind of physical confrontation is unlikely. Their presence alone will serve as a deterrent for most people who may think of getting too close with you without permission.

If you decide to get professionals, you may realize they cost much more (depending on the agency). But you may feel more secure with them, plus they won’t be your friends, so you can keep your relationship strictly professional.

However, if you don’t want to shell out so much money, a good compromise is to place an ad on Craigslist. Plenty of strong guys will offer some help, but make sure to screen them first. You want a reliable person, not someone who will just get paid and then do nothing if things get heated.

Important Notes

While security is great, you have to communicate what behavior you deem unacceptable. It will be bad if you are playing your game and all of a sudden your security intervenes inappropriately. Not only will this throw you off your game, but it will ruin the show for everybody.

Make sure your security understands what is part of the show, how much touching you are willing to take, and what advances you may consider inappropriate. One of the best practices is to figure out some sort of a sign for your security to step in. However, this sign is more of an emergency as the guy has to keep an eye out at all times anyway.