Female strippers: dealing with jealous boyfriends

Are you a female stripper with a jealous boyfriend? You’re not alone. It’s extremely difficult to find a partner with an open-minded outlook on your job choice.

If you started dancing after you and your boyfriend got together—or if you kept this fact a secret from him—he has a right to be a little (or a lot!) jealous. On the other hand, if he knew what he was getting into from the beginning, it’s time for him to put up or shut up.

Keep in mind, a lot of people may find it exciting to be with someone that other men desperately want but can’t have. Make sure they’re in it for the long haul, however—some of these same men find a one-time hook up with a stripper exciting for this reason, but quickly lose interest thereafter.

When dealing with these issues, remember your self-worth and the positive things you bring to the relationship: your intelligence, drive, sex appeal, and of course, some pretty wild moves in the bedroom!