Do all men like female strippers?

Is it true that all men enjoy a trip to their local strip club? “All” is a little strong, but the truth is, most men enjoy the entertainment value of a good strip tease.

That’s one of the reasons that bachelor and birthday parties tend to get a little more lively when a female stripper does a show—even better if she’s completely exposed.

Men like strippers because they create a fantasy that’s often not realistic in day-to-day lives and relationships. In some cases, people who who don’t have wives, girlfriends, or romance in their life—and have a hard time with this kind of intimacy–enjoy strippers because they provide an element of this romantic closeness.

On the other hand, many men who are struggling with relationship issues may appreciate the attention and comfort strippers can provide.

In this industry-expert’s opinion, I’d conclude that the majority of men enjoy strippers in some capacity, for some reason. My un-statistical guess? Somewhere around 80 percent.