The difference between male and female strippers

The differences between stripping as a male and stripping as a female can be significant.

First and foremost, the pay scale is often very different. Male strippers, in general, earn around $25 less than female strippers for a private party show. That said, in Chicago, male strippers usually earn about $75 and female strippers about $100. Nevertheless, female strippers often end up with same amount of money in their pocket as the men, since they often need to pay a driver/security.

Tip amounts also vary between male and female stripping. Male strippers usually don’t make more than $50 in tips per show (and sometimes much less); female strippers, on the other hand, typically take home between $100 and $1000 in tips for certain shows. This means that male strippers need to perform in more shows, whereas female strippers prefer fewer shows with a big focus on quality.

The second difference is the performance itself. Male strippers tend to be a little more aggressive with their shows— picking women up on their shoulders, carrying them around and even flipping them. On the other hand, some female strippers can be even more aggressive—using dominatrix-style tricks in their shows. Moreover, female strippers go completely exposed, unlike male strippers, and do things with their body that many people might not think possible!

The third difference is the enjoyment strippers tend to get out of their jobs. In general, male strippers like to show off and enjoy the attention. This isn’t to say that all female strippers dislike their jobs, but the fact of the matter is, many choose this line of work because of the earning potential.