What does a stripper do after his/her career is finished?

Strippers can make a great living—to say the least. But what happens after a life on the pole?

Chicago female strippers typically start at the age of 18, but usually can’t work much past their late 20s. Conversely, male strippers often start in their early 20s and usually don’t work past the age of 30—unless their genes are extremely good and live in the gym.

Because this short shelf-life stripping isn’t a long-term career path, but often a means to an end to pay for school, get through difficult financial times, or launch a business or other career.

Many of our Chicago female strippers have gone on to become nurses, while male strippers have become accountants, real estate agents or financial analysts. But it’s important not to fall into the trap, so to speak—and become too used to the great money and fun associated with stripping.