How much do strippers in Chicago make?

How much strippers make depends on many things. While great looks help, they’re not the only contributing factor.

One of these factors is the type of stripping: exotic club stripping or private party stripping. Exotic club female strippers in general pay a fee of around $100 to work one night in a club. On a good weekend night they can make $500 and some nights, a lot more.

Chicago male revue male strippers usually work only on a Saturday night and make $200 for a quick 8-10 p.m. show. Keep in mind that this is a seasonal job and both male and female strippers in Chicago make their money pretty much around April through November. Nevertheless, they can still make an average of $50K-$100K a year if they are hard working.

Private party strippers, on the other hand, get paid around $70-$150 per show, plus tips from the show. Tips could be anywhere from $100 for a bad show up to $500 or more for a good show.

For female strippers in Chicago it’s all about the quality of the show; for Chicago male strippers its all about the quantity of the shows. That said, guys tip more than girls, typically. Male strippers tend to make $20-$50 in tips at each party, so their shows are quicker in order to make it to several bachelorette parties a night. Bachelor party female strippers can make $80K a year without a problem—and this from a weekend side job!