Chicago Police Male Strippers

Chicago Exotic Strippers provides male strippers for birthday parties and bachelorette parties. We have a full range of entertainers with different looks that can perform with a different choreographic music; not any stripper is similar to the next. Every male stripper has different outfits ranging from army, cowboy, cop, construction, pizza delivery, and more. One outfits seems to be picked more than any other, it is the police uniform. Chicago police male strippers are the most requested for variety of reasons. To begin, when the male stripper dresses in a police uniform, many times they are not recognized right the way as a stripper but as a real cop! As obvious as you think it might be, the strippers really dress as closed to a cop as it can possible be and really act as a cop. The bride, not informed of the stripper coming, can really be afraid that her bachelorette party was ruined. Once the stripper has entered the room, it can go even further pretending he is a cop by using the police club and handcuffing the bride. No other stripper outfit can create the same experience as a male stripper dressed as a cop, and first impression stays with the bride for a long time. Next time you book your party with Chicago Exotic Strippers, make sure you ask for a Police Male Stripper!