Can Good Girls Be Strippers?

Nowadays people are so polarized that we are always jumping to extremes. Either you are 100% into something or absolutely repulsed by it. It seems like there is no middle ground and balanced opinions are… to put it simply – quite uncommon.

But the truth is that you can indeed have a balanced opinion. Which is what we are going to look into today with the issue of whether “good” girls can be Chicago strippers. So let’s go!

What Is A “Good” Girl?

Let’s consider this for a second. Because it is easy to ask such a question, but it is loaded. Everybody has a different idea of what a good girl should be. Is that a conservative girl? Even that doesn’t make things much more clear. Are we talking about a woman with high morals? As you see, all these words mean nothing, because their definition depends on you and you alone. What do you understand by them?

But here we go – let’s assume that a good girl is one that considers stripping to be a bit outside of the “good girl” routine. At least that should be a safe bet.

Why Not?

It is one thing to ask if good girls should become strippers, but another if they actually can. Of course they can. What is there to stop them, aside from prejudice? Or some form of morals that they have? But are these even valid to condemn this line of work? We would say “no”.

Here is the thing – a good girl can become a stripper and actually make quite the buck doing it. Because people are tired of the same old stripper routine. Good girls are welcome, because they bring something new, something a bit more down to earth. They seem approachable and friendlier in a way. So that makes them a hot commodity, so to speak.

Where Is The Problem?

If what is stopping you from becoming a stripper is that you see this line of work as somewhat of a dirty one, you shouldn’t worry. Yes, some girls get completely exposed, but if you don’t want to do it, you don’t have to. There are plenty of places where you can dance in lingerie. And men will enjoy that as well. Especially if you play off the whole good girl routine.

All in all, this industry is welcoming to all kinds of girls. You may be wild, or you may be quiet. You maybe outgoing, or you may be a bit shy. It doesn’t really matter, as long as you want to improve and become better at the job.


No one should judge strippers. Period. Good girls can be strippers and still be good girls. All this prejudice needs to stop. We appreciate women and men who pick this kind of job, because it does take bravery. Sure, it pays, but it also requires you to hold yourself accountable. You need to care for yourself and your body. So don’t think it’s the easy and somewhat immoral way to money. It isn’t.